Core Four Seminars

Beginning in November, our Summit location will offer our take on prep courses. We will never ask you to sit through a 3 hour course covering stuff you don’t need. (It gives Brantley too many flashbacks to graduate school). Instead, we offer what we call our “Core Four” Seminars that cover the four core strategies (see what we did there?) for each part of the test we think every test-taker should know. We have taken the test-taking insights gleaned from the thousands upon thousands of hours spent working with students individually and distilled it into what we think will be a very effective small group experience. Each course session lasts a little over an hour and meets once a week over a five week period. Students will have the chance to take 3 practice tests while enrolled in the seminar. Our courses are broken down by test component just like our private tutoring. This is a great option for students looking for a basic introduction to the tests, needing to refresh prior prep, or who want to supplement their private tutoring experience.

Core Four Seminar Registration