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Richard Braden

Richard Braden currently teaches engineering, physics, AP physics, chemistry, and a wide range of mathematics, from algebra through calculus. Richard graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh, and still has a soft spot for the Panthers (go Blue and Gold!), although he’s an even bigger fan of Pittsburgh’s Pro Teams (Go Black and Gold!). Although Richard came to teaching as a second career, his vast knowledge and experience in operations and logistics in the financial services and transportation industries has provided real-life applications in the math and science fields that he’s so passionate about teaching.

As a high school teacher and tutor, Richard has helped hundreds of students succeed on high-stakes tests, and in various academic subjects. He believes that the difference at Breakaway Prep stems from our tutors. We constantly review the SAT, ACT, AP and other high-stakes tests, looking for new insights and new ways to assist students. We know that students learn in their own way and at their own pace, and with tutors they can engage with; which has led us to develop our own patient and relaxed approach to serious subjects, injecting a little fun into what can seem a little boring. Richard is a master of mastering material, explaining that material to someone else, anticipating student challenges and structuring sessions accordingly, and understanding each student’s unique obstacles and learning styles and adjusting his sessions accordingly. His main goal is our main goal: keeping our students motivated so that they can achieve their ultimate goals.