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About Us

We are a collective of teachers and counselors

We encounter students and families during a crucial season of life – one often full of stress and even a bit of panic. If it is possible to be both laid back and incredibly serious – that’s us. We know what we are doing and we know that it works.

  • Adaptable prep plans

    There is opportunity for regular feedback and the opportunity to adjust plans accordingly. Our specialists have an individual approach to each student.

  • Real test materials

    Both SAT and ACT have made some of their exams available. In addition to test-taking strategies, real material should be at the heart of any serious prep experience.

  • The opportunity for regular assessments

    In addition to homework assignments and session work sudents should have the opportunity to work through exams in real test conditions.

What we do

We help students with their academic needs as they move from middle school to high school to college and beyond. Getting into the right college takes years of hard work. We are here to help make that process easier and less stressful. From academic support on school work, to test prep for high school, college, and graduate admissions tests, to college counseling, we help families navigate the increasingly tricky college admissions process.

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