Preparation that’s better informed

College admissions exams are challenging: their standardized nature creates a gap between the design of the test and what students do in their regular academic lives.

Breakaway Prep’s test preparation curriculum is based on thousands of hours of one-on-one work with students just like your child. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we combine our strategies with ample practice opportunities on real exam materials.

To test or not to test? Breakaway Prep has you covered.

  • We help students prepare for college entrance tests, but we also help them explore more effective, momentum building processes that are taken with equal or greater weight by college admissions counselors.
  • The college admissions landscape has changed. If testing isn’t in the best interest of the student, our programs can lay the groundwork for acceptance to the college of their choice without the stress of unnecessary testing.
  • Breakaway Prep eliminates the fear of testing through repetition and practice: For as often or little as the student wishes to participate.
  • We offer full-length proctored practice tests every week; these help track progress and build endurance for the SAT and ACT.

Private Tutoring

All of our one-on-one students have the opportunity to work with two tutors, each of whom is devoted to particular phases of the test. Each tutor will work with you through our curriculum while getting to know you as a test-taker (and as a fantastic person with a bright future). 

They will get to know your strengths and weaknesses, your test-taking habits, your greatest hopes and fears about the test and will be able to constantly refine your approach. By test day, you will know the exam inside and out.
“We want to thank the whole Breakaway team for all the support with Matt. He’s the last one! We are so excited for him— he didn’t make it easy, but he did it!”
Millburn mom

One-on-one Instruction

There is no better way to prepare a student than one-on-one. We focus on your student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Thoughtful Planning

We help students and parents prepare for college in a more thoughtful, well-planned, personalized way.

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