Breakaway Prep embodies a new, smarter approach to the college preparation and admissions process. By starting earlier with younger students from later middle school age to rising freshmen and providing them with individualized academic enrichment and guidance through their high school years, Breakaway Prep helps make future decisions about college more informed, thoughtful, and less stressful for students and parents.

Our experienced tutors are always available to offer their teaching expertise in a variety of academic subjects:

  • Math – from middle school math to college level calculus, we can help
  • English – we can help students with their reading and writing
  • History – US, World, European at any level from CPA to AP
  • Sciences – Bio, Chem, Physics, Environmental studies at any level from CPA to AP
“I have a finished college list, a finished college essay, a halfway done common app, and a finished activities resume.”
Kent Place Student

One-on-one Instruction

There is no better way to prepare a student than one-on-one. We focus on your student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Thoughtful Planning

We help students and parents prepare for college in a more thoughtful, well-planned, personalized way.

Test Us! Discover the Difference

Breakaway Prep welcomes students to become engaged with our program pre-enrollment. No deposit. No obligation.

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