Finding the best route to success

In addition to helping students prepare for college entrance tests, we also help them explore more effective, momentum-building processes that are taken with equal or greater weight by college admissions counselors. 

Testing is not the end all be all. Effective, thought-out planning and targeted academic support is our goal for each student.

College counseling deep dive: How we help

Breakaway Prep:

  • Reviews classes, grades, extracurricular activities, and family goals for the college transition
  • Develops a timeline for a standardized testing schedule
  • Plans course selections and identifies appropriate level of challenge for high school courses
  • Helps create and narrow personalized college list
  • Helps student learn to research colleges independently and take ownership of the process
  • Reviews and makes recommendations for summer plans
  • Helps create resume/activity sheet
  • Develops timeline and Early Action/Early Decision strategy, including due dates for college applications
  • Sets up organizational chart to track deadlines and progress
  • Helps brainstorm, plan, and edit college essays
  • Collaborates on application work with a thorough review of presented information
  • Strategizes and edits supplemental, school-specific essays
  • Reviews final applications
  • Discusses final decision and waitlist options
  • Values additional components developed for student-specific needs (ex: athletics, academic support)
“Thank you so much for your help in the college process. As you know, it all worked out in the end. Your consistency, knowledge, and compassionate demeanor made the process much easier and much less intimidating.”
Student heading to the University of Richmond

One-on-one Instruction

There is no better way to prepare a student than one-on-one. We focus on your student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Thoughtful Planning

We help students and parents prepare for college in a more thoughtful, well-planned, personalized way.

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