• The Early Start program helps students achieve successful transitions from middle school to high school and lays an academic and social foundation for a successful high school experience.
  • By the time they reach their junior and senior years, Early Start students will be exceptionally prepared to tackle the college search process.
  • The Early Start program helps students develop organizational skills and executive functioning, so they can get ahead of their academics and not fall behind. 
  • For parents, the benefits of a self-directed child can help make the high school years easier, less anxious, and more focused on their child’s best interests.

Make the most of their high school years

Ninth and tenth grades can be difficult for young teens. With age comes greater responsibility and increased social pressures, and for many thoughts about college have barely begun to register. Early Start helps these students begin their high school careers on solid footing.

By providing individualized tutoring and academic support beginning in upper middle school, and by paying close attention to each students’ interests throughout their high school years, we help students and their parents prepare for college in a more thoughtful, well-planned, and personal way.

Early Start is the first step to finding the right college for the right reasons so students can flourish as productive, successful adults.

“I submitted my last application a few days ago and am done with my college applications! I wanted to thank you for reviewing what felt like an endless stream of essays. I found your input to be very valuable in my revision process.”
A Happy Student

One-on-one Instruction

There is no better way to prepare a student than one-on-one. We focus on your student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Thoughtful Planning

We help students and parents prepare for college in a more thoughtful, well-planned, personalized way.

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