Any college that accepts the SAT also accepts the ACT so we encourage all students to try one of each before they jump into prepping for either test. And those hybrid tests which some companies offer are incredibly convenient but there’s one problem – after the students take the hybrid test they get a score report that tells them if they would do better on the SAT or the ACT. The issue is that the kids don’t really know what an SAT is or what an ACT is because they never took a full test and can’t tell what the real test feels like. We advise students to take one of each and see not only how you do but how you feel about each one. The pacing of the ACT is very different than the pacing on the SAT. The tricks on the SAT are much different than the straightforward way ACT tests. Yes, we suggest students spend an extra three hours trying one of each because those three hours will go a long way towards helping a student understand which test works better for them.